2017 KM focus

Writing, Speaking and Researching Knowledge Management

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tka provides:
Accessible knowledge management talks
Special interest in new technology and social media
 Presentations, authorship, facilitation, training and research
Research and articles on organisational change via knowledge management

Recent Events:

NetIKX meeting 18 March 2017 Gurteen Knowledge Café. A fantastic opportunity to network with other IKM professionals to discuss how you tackle stagnant thinking!

Upcoming KM events:

NetIKX meeting 18 May 2017 Paul Corney and Victoria Ward talk about the best environments for IKM collaboration with plenty of networking discussion time.

Sample of Recent Work: Lecturing on KM at City University

Recent presentation feedback:
‘The method of demonstrating was excellent and kept the audience engaged’.
loved the cartoons and clips’

 tka facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheKnowledgeAdvantage

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