For Individuals

Discover your own Knowledge Power

tka offers insights into Personal Knowledge Management

How can knowledge management help you reach your chosen goals?
How can you take control of this ever changing technology?
Take a fresh look at the potential power of your own knowledge
Understand social media and the relevance of Big Data

So much information! So many choices!! So many emails!!!

Hear the latest stories and research told with a human focus
Discover the best ways through the technology maze
Understand social media and spot where it can work for you
Networking tricks to defy geography and status barriers
Learn sharp, savvy ideas to get ahead of the crowd
Valuable information plus entertainment!

Help is available if you need:
Delightful presentations for a club or other group
Advice on research and what resources can help you personally
A mentor or trainer or facilitator or documentation specialist
Or sympathetic individual help tailored to your particular personal needs

Contact tka for very reasonable rates:

Starting from £50 per hour for one individual
Starting from £100 per session for group presentations
(All rates are negotiable and depend on the particular requirements)



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