tka is a business providing straightforward ways to really make the most of your organisational knowledge.  This can be in the form of presentations, articles and stories, training, facilitation, coaching or mentoring.

Based on research into knowledge management in small and medium organisations, over more than ten years, as well as extensive experience of ICT and general management. tka can offer you the insights that bring to life the Five Essential Building Blocks that allow organisations to enjoy the knowledge advantage.  

Quotes from recent presentations:
‘Relevant, inventive, humourous and relaxed’
I really liked your story telling ability’  
‘Imaginative, funny and fearless!’ 
‘I loved how simple you made it seem, and it was so much more interesting for that’
‘The method of demonstrating was excellent and kept the audience engaged’.
‘Enjoyable’          ‘Good, concrete case studies’           ‘I learned a lot’

Mentoring: Reference from a recent mentee, for public speaking support: Client Testimonial Aida Mujan – April 2014

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