Where to go in 2015 for Knowledge Management and Social Media presentations:

Looking forward:

NetIKX meeting 27 12 2015 Auditing your KIM Skills.  This is a joint meeting with TFPL, and will focus on making the best use of our Knowledge and Information skills.

Looking back to the Highlights of 2014:

NetIKX meeting 16 11 2014. Future of Information Audit.  Experts in the field talk about the future/ horizons of Information Audit.  See my blog in ‘Stories’ tab.

LIKE Xmas Party 03 12 2014. Meal and Quiz – my team won first place. Thanks team mates for your wisdom and lovely company

TFPL meeting 23 09 2014 Privacy. A fantastic ramble through the issues of social media freedom and the terrors of data misuse.  Great speakers in a lovely venue. Blog of highlights in Stories…

NetIKX meeting 16.09 2014. Communities of Practice. Dion Lindsay spoke about how CoPs are evolving in the Post Recession Economy and gave some useful pointers for a Brand New Project Launch. I was chairing the meeting and added some points about a NetIKX project launch.  Blog on Stories page

SLA meeting 04 09 2014. Panel session on the Evolving Value of Information Management, showcasing a new report produced in collaboration with the Financial Times

SLA Soiree 16 07 2014.  This was a wonderful chance to discuss Knowledge Management with people who work in the field, in the beautiful Barber-Surgeon Hall, near the Barbican

NetIKX event 03 07 2014: Make a Taxonomy Business Case – See my blog on the Stories page

NetIKX Presentation March 2013. Knowledge Management, Past Present and Future.

Stuart Ward and I led a seminar on KM’s past as shown by NetIKX presenters, and discussed ways to move things forward for the future…


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