For IT Specialists

Knowledge Management offers IT a better link to Organisational Power

Moving technology to the centre of your organisation’s strategy
Making technology change that everyone can understand and support
Finding keys to involve people from the CEO through to the office refusers
Stand out from the crowd by learning the value of Knowledge Management to your technology delivery
Find recession beating ideas for cost effective change
Understand simple techniques to turn your potential onto Front Page News!

Some questions to consider:

Cross organisational approaches.  Have you ever been astounded by what knowledge people have that they don’t know they have? Working with staff in their traditional departments often exposes the very narrow ‘silo’ mentality of people in organisations.  They can’t see beyond their noses and hoard valuable information that could do wonders for other parts of the organisation.  By opening out opportunities for knowledge sharing and development, huge benefits can be found.

Improved processes for knowledge and information handling.  Does your organisation have ‘wheel reinvention’ as one of its regular occupations?.  Hours of productive time is lost as people fail to spot what has been already achieved, and duplicate costly work from scratch.   A strong KM focus can help to galvanise people into really thinking through what more effective work processes could do for cost reduction.

Getting more strategic.  Do you grind your teeth in frustrated rage as people with no clue about ICT speculate on the miracles it is expected to perform?  Which of course it could accomplish but not by magic – only by real engagement and understanding from staff.  KM includes the tools and techniques to engage staff across the organisation.

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